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Debowden Bauer
Certified Real Estate Probate Specialist, Certified Real Estate Analyst, Licensed Contractor, Licensed Landscape Architect, Licensed Responsible Person; Erosion/Sediment Control

I’m happy to be here to help you find the right home !

After years of living in various areas of the country, (I grew up in upstate New York, then moved to Utah, Connecticut, Illinois and California) I am happy to say my feet have been well grounded in Idaho. I’ve raised two kids here in this quality environment, while sharing a business with my husband as planners and landscape architects. I’d like to help you find your home here, too !

As a planner, I’ve spent my life carefully organizing and paying attention to detail in everything I do, in order to best help others.

I listen carefully, and as a result, have a keen instinct in matching people’s needs and desires with properties and improvements. Helping people find homes is just a natural link and extension of the planning, design and construction management we have performed for years! I have a great knowledge of area character, and the local construction industry and relative costs. I can certainly help you assess the potential of various properties as you look to buy or sell your home.

I look forward to helping you - so when you’re ready, give me a call so we can discuss your needs !
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Atova, Inc.
360 E. State
Eagle, ID 83616

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